Solar Stones are a unique blend of smooth river rock and "glow in the dark" pebbles.


Solar Stones are a new, ground breaking product with significant research and testing to make sure that this is a high quality multipurpose amazing Stone Product.  Heartland Stone, the parent company behind it has been doing top quality stone products and services for over 12 years. We have enjoyed over a decade of trustworthy customer relations throughout the stone industry.

The blend is bound by a special formulation of epoxy binder that allows light to penetrate the glow material by day and light up at night. Whether it's a bright sunny day or overcast, the product will still glow for hours at night and well into the early morning.  Featuring one of the brightest lumen technologies on the market, the product only loses 10% of its luminosity over a span of 20 years. Solar Stones allow at least 25 inches of water per hour to drain right through the stones. One of the only paving products that help water get back into the environment.  Available in 4 shapes and sizes.

Solar Stones add illumination to any landscape and hardscape area. Whether it be incorporating them into a patio design or using them as stepping stones in a garden layout, Solar Stones enhance any setting they are in. 

Solar Stones are made entirely in the USA.


Two different stones in one product - during the day a natural pebble look and at night a pebble glow."